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Are invisible speakers expensive?
As a part of a whole-house audio system, invisible speakers will increase your budget around 10% per room. Consider the cost of a distributed audio system in a typical living room. The cost of
Can you use an invisible speaker outdoors?
Yes! One of the benefits of a Live-Wall invisible speaker is placement flexibility. Because we use materials common to the aeronautics industry, our speakers are impervious to environmental extr
Do I need a backbox?
Yes. But not for the reason you think. Integrators install backboxes for three reasons — to reduce sound transmission into adjacent rooms, to ‘claim the space’ in the wall or ceiling, and
Do invisible speakers need a special amplifier?
Kinda. Live-Wall speakers appreciate a high-quality amplifier with at least 60 watts of power per channel. We like this amp from ATI , or this one from AudioControl . We’ve chosen to engineer
Do invisible speakers sound good?
Let’s consider invisible speakers for three situations: background music, home theater, and critical listening. A great background music system fills the room with accurate, full-range, envelo
Frequency Response
Here's a nice chart showing frequency response. We acoustic engineers like to talk about frequency response and range. Here's a chart that sums up range quite nicely: And here's another chart show
Grille-free speakers vs. traditional speakers.
We evaluate three criteria — aesthetics, coverage, and output — when choosing whether to specify a grille-free or traditional speaker. When Aesthetics drive the specifying process, our Ar
How does the Live-Wall Sub compare to traditional subwoofers?
Many people have a high expectation for the performance of a single in-wall (or invisible) subwoofer. Let’s settle this now: one built-in subwoofer will not replace the performance, output, ext
How many speakers do I need in a room?
Live-Wall Subwoofer Installation Issues
Things to know about installing a Live-Wall Sub. Use our backbox No question — you need to use the LWSub BOX with the sub. Subwoofers create tremendous pressure behind the driver (in the wall
My Integrator says invisible speakers don't sound good.
That was true a decade ago. Invisible speakers — for many years — have been a weak link in the audio chain. Invisible speakers showed up in the early '90's and were favored by designers and ar
What happens if my Live-Wall speaker breaks?
We’ve designed Live-Wall speakers with several failsafes to virtually eliminate field failures. We include power-limiting protection switches, oversized voice coils, and aeronautic adhesives.
What is a grille-free speaker?
We engineered a new category of in-ceiling speakers. We've developed the Ar Series which eliminate ugly grilles. Using our patented constrained layer damping design, these super-thin flat-panel s
Which invisible speaker technology is best?
There are essentially three technologies used in invisible speakers — the vibrating puck, constrained layer damping, and traditional speaker units attached to a substrate. Amina uses NXT's p
Why should I buy an invisible speaker?
Aesthetics drives the decision to put invisible speakers throughout the home. Grilled speakers add an unwelcome blemish to the room, with their gray mesh centers, yellowing bezels, and shadow-ca