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What is a grille-free speaker?
Last Updated: 07/01/2016

We engineered a new category of in-ceiling speakers.

We've developed the Ar Series which eliminate ugly grilles. Using our patented constrained layer damping design, these super-thin flat-panel speakers protrude only 3mm from the ceiling, and have an elegant European look that makes them perfect for any decor.

Traditional in-ceiling speakers are based on 70 year-old technology, with cone bass units and free-standing tweeters. And like the cabinet speakers of the past, these designs require a grille for protection and to hide the inner workings of the speaker. In-ceiling speakers have always presented an aesthetic problem, but the solutions never addressed the underlying issue: grilles, and their gray perforated metal are inherently ugly.

Our design is new and radically different. We use a multi-layer flat diaphragm instead of a cone. Our diaphragm is finished and painted white — so it blends seamlessly with the ceiling. No ugly grilles, no sagging, or yellowing. The face of an Ar speaker is smooth and white, and can be painted to match your ceiling.

We have two models to choose from
— the Ar11 (11" square) and Ar12 (12" round). Both use our acoustic patents to great effect: with fantastic coverage throughout the room, and tonal balance and output required for a high-performance whole-house audio system.

Environmental extremes
Ar speakers are perfectly at home inside and out, and are marine-rated for extreme environmental conditions. They will withstand moisture, heat, cold, even salt spray.


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