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Can you use an invisible speaker outdoors?
Last Updated: 09/01/2016


One of the benefits of a Live-Wall invisible speaker is placement flexibility. Because we use materials common to the aeronautics industry, our speakers are impervious to environmental extremes, including heat, cold, and moisture.

You can put Live-Wall speakers into shower stalls, in saunas, and steam rooms, even outdoors under a light application of stucco.

The face of the Live-Wall speaker is the active music-making part — so it needs a clear path into the listening environment. That means you can’t put anything thick and solid, like paneling, wood slats, or siding, in front of the speaker. You can cover the speaker with drywall mud, paint, wallpaper, venetian plaster, and a thin layer of stucco. For protection, we recommend using a vinyl admixture with your mud, plaster, or stucco, for added flexibility and resilience.

Here's a typical Admix available in California. And here's one available on the East Coast. Equivalent products are available on a regional basis.


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