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Why should I buy an invisible speaker?
Last Updated: 07/01/2016

Aesthetics drives the decision to put invisible speakers throughout the home.

Grilled speakers add an unwelcome blemish to the room, with their gray mesh centers, yellowing bezels, and shadow-casting protrusion.

There are a number of acoustic benefits to a Live-Wall invisible speaker — namely broader dispersion and no phase anomalies off-axis — but aesthetics should be your primary decision maker.

Acoustically, Live-Wall speakers outperform most mid-priced (around $750/pair) architectural speakers. So let’s compare Live-Wall speakers to high-end architectural competitors priced above $1,000/pair.

Comparing a Live-Wall vs. a high-end architectural speaker
Few high-end speakers play louder and with more transient-edge impact than a Live-Wall speaker. These specialty products are quite large and intrusive, and yet could provide more inner detail, particularly on difficult musical passages. Some high-end speakers may not require as powerful an amplifier as a Live-Wall speaker for best performance. We like the Revel architectural speakers for impact, smooth tonal balance, and controlled extension.

Acoustic upside of a Live-Wall speaker
For equivalent coverage, you will need to use perhaps twice as many high-end ceiling speakers to match the broad dispersion of Live-Wall, and only the largest, most intrusive architectural speakers (with a minimum 10” bass unit) will have the bass extension of a Live-Wall LW1220 Al.

There's no direct comparison
Comparing invisible and traditional speakers is somewhat like comparing sedans to SUVs. They both get you there
— yet their functionality is markedly different. Invisible speakers are the best choice for clients who value the appearance of their rooms, and want to avoid cluttering the ceiling with obtrusive hardware. Traditional speakers are the best choice for clients who care less about aesthetics, and more about budget or a very particular sonic performance.


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