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What happens if my Live-Wall speaker breaks?
Last Updated: 06/10/2016

We’ve designed Live-Wall speakers with several failsafes to virtually eliminate field failures.

We include power-limiting protection switches, oversized voice coils, and aeronautic adhesives. And yet, failures do occur: we see about 1 field failure for every 10,000 speakers installed — typically caused by installation issues.

Live-Wall speakers are not fixable, and so the ‘repair’ solution is to simply cut out the failed unit and replace it with a new one. Replacing a failed unit is straightforward. The integrator cuts the bad unit out from the wall with a rotozip, and retrofits in a new unit. The new unit is then finished to match the existing wall treatment.

The three-year Live-Wall warranty covers repairing or replacing the failed unit, but does not cover the cost of drywall repair and painting. It’s fair to consider the cost of ownership of an invisible speaker, and use that information to decide where best to place the speaker.

Note: Using a Live-Wall backbox protects the back of the speaker from construction debris and critters, and is highly recommended, particularly when placed on high-value surfaces. See Do I Need A Backbox?


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