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Our Grille-Free speakers are the first high-performance in-ceiling speakers that look great in the ceiling.

No grilles. No drywall work required. Just a sleek, modern, elegant solution for whole-house audio.

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Ar11 Ar11

Ar11 grille-free speaker. Sold in eaches.

Price: $400.00
Ar11 Box Ar11 Box

Live-Wall Ar11 plenum-rated metal backbox for Ar11. Sold in eaches.

Price: $250.00
70V Adaptor 70V Adaptor

Piggyback 70V adaptor for all speaker. Sold in eaches.

Price: $50.00
Mono Adaptor Mono Adaptor

Mono Adaptor, sold in eaches.

Price: $50.00
Ar11 Bracket Ar11 Bracket

Live-Wall Ar11 plenum-rated metal bracket for Ar11. Sold in sets of 4..

Price: $40.00