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Welcome to Perfect Third.

I've managed several great speaker companies over the past 25 years, including Boston Acoustics, Bay Audio, and now Perfect Third.

Perfect Third combines my passion for great audio products with my background as a strategist. Item for item, Perfect Third offerings are #1 in their niche. The formula is simple: our engineering -- lead by Ricardo Lazzari -- is cutting edge. We use superior materials, advanced manufacturing techniques, and, of course, we adhere to the audiophile's dictum 'add no distortion.' We hold several patents for our Live-Wall invisible speakers, which are hailed as a sonic miracle, and are proud of the range, clarity, and impact of our visible and TV speakers as well.

What makes Perfect Third unique is the elegance of our operations, with a near fanatical emphasis on continuous process improvement, efficiency, and variability reduction. Several years after earning my MBA from The Harvard Business School, I was fortunate enough to work with GOAL, a Deming-driven process consultancy in New England.

Years of continuous improvement practices at Boston Acoustics and Bay Audio gave me the tools to reduce variability, enhance quality, and improve the end-user's experience.

Perfect Third embodies all we've learned over the years, and allows us to offer:

  • Same day shipping on all stock products
  • A special warranty protecting you and your integration company
  • Direct access to top management
In keeping with our pursuit of efficiency, all information you need to choose, install, troubleshoot, and enjoy Perfect Third products is contained in this website. I look forward to bringing a perfect performance to your home.

Ira Friedman