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Our Live-Wall patents let us build the best sounding invisible speaker available.

True loudspeaker performance from direct radiating speakers. No gimmicks, no workarounds.
Just solid engineering and fantastic performance.

Live-Wall LWSub + Back Box

Live-Wall LWSub invisible subwoofer and backbox. Sold in eaches.

Price: $2,400.00
LW1220 Al

Live-Wall LW1220 Al invisible speaker. Sold in eaches

Price: $1,250.00
Live-Wall LW1200

Live-Wall LW1200 invisible speaker. Sold in eaches
Shipping November 2017
Replaces LW1210

Price: $800.00
Live-Wall LW1210

Live-Wall LW1210 invisible speaker. Sold in eaches.
No longer available
Replaced with LW1200

Price: $700.00
Live-Wall LW1220 Box

Live-Wall LW1220 plenum-rated metal backbox for LW1220 Al and LW1200. Sold in eaches.

Price: $250.00
70V Adaptor

Piggyback 70V adaptor for all speaker. Sold in eaches.

Price: $50.00
Mono Adaptor

Mono Adaptor, sold in eaches.

Price: $50.00